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Stop and Smell the Roses and Taste the Rosé

In honor of Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I thought I would write about something that made me think of my Mom.

Lately, when I walk my daughter to and from preschool she always stops to smell the flowers along the way. Like my Mom, I have showed her flowers on every walk we took and now to my wonderful surprise, she is the one telling me to stop and take them in.

In our busy lives we rarely slow down and enjoy the little things, and I am so grateful that my mom passed on an appreciation for taking the time to admire the simple beautiful things in life. I try to not only remember to do so, but also pass along these gifts to my children.

So as Mother's Day approaches while thinking of my Mom's rose garden and the wonderful scent of her antique roses, naturally I began to wonder what Rosé wine I will be drinking on Mothers Day.

Here is a list of my go to still, sparkling and Rosé Champagne that I think everyone must taste.

Mumm Brut Rose Sparkling Wine is one of my favorites, it can be found at Trader Joes for only $16.99 and is always a treat and a great one to share with family and friends.

Rusack Vineyards Santa Barbara County Rosé is a great wine, and only available for purchase online or in their tasting room. OK confession, this one is made by my husband, so you could claim I am biased, however this is one rockin Rosé, and at only $15.00 per bottle you cannot go wrong!

Miraval Rosé is vinted by none other than Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt, and while I suspected this wine may be all hype, I was incredibly impressed, and would highly recommed this wine. This wine can be found at your local Whole Foods.

Now for my three favorite Rosé Champagnes: Ruinart, Billecart-Salmon, and Palmes d'Or Vintage Rosé. Very speial selections indeed

Whatever you decide to drink on Mother's Day, make sure to enjoy the moment, and always take time to stop and smell the Rosé.




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