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Never Stop Exploring

Summertime always seems to spark my inner explorer. The new season is marked by warmer weather, longer days, and an urge to get out of the house and explore new and exciting places.

Like always, I like to extend this thinking to my wine world as well, but not just this time of year, all year round. We all tend to know exactly what we like when it comes to our libations, and get very comfortable with what we are familiar with, but it is always good to remember to step outside the box. Try something new, like exploring a new wine varietal, or a wine from a region you have not yet tasted. Exploring new wines can open your eyes to a new favorite you never knew existed.

Below is a list of five favorite wines to explore this month:

  • Moreau Naudet les Pargues Vieilles Vignes - Found at Les Marchands Santa Barbara, CA

  • Domitia Picpoul de Pinet - found at Whole Foods


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