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Creature Feature - Pink Elephants

Since I was young, when asked what my favorite animal was, I always remember choosing the elephant. While growing up, this love for the large gray creature turned into collecting elephant trinkets, stuffed animals, and many other things. Now, much to my delight, I have passed down most of my elephant friends to little M, while the others seemed to find another home along the way.

Elephants have always had a very strong meaning to me. Primarily strength, honor, protection, and wisdom. Some Asian cultures believe the elephant is a ‘cosmic creature’ and symbolizes happiness, longevity, and good luck. They also have the ability to remove obstacles and barriers with ease. For me, this is the perfect way to describe such a mighty, steadfast, family oriented, beautiful animal, and most likely why I have always felt a connection.

I still find myself drawn to elephants, and while aimlessly walking around Cost Plus World Market, I found this cute little white Elephant teapot that I simply could not resist.

As I continue to surround myself with this amazing animal, I like to remember what they symbolize to me, and try to live a life of honor, always continue to grow, gain wisdom, and share that wisdom with my little one, as well as remembering to always have faith, remain strong, committed, and true.


- L


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