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Designer Saturdays - Bachelor Pad Finds

Most of us have, or will go through, the experience of blending two homes together. When a man and women bring their treasures together, it seems there are always some items, that, well for lack of a better term, simply do not fit in.

Back when my husband and I joined our ‘stuff’, there were several conversations about what would stay and what needed to go. Lucky for me my man has pretty good taste, and while rifling through boxes, I came across several things I never would have thought could work into the design plans that had been steadily running through my mind.

One of my favorites was when I came across several old cigar boxes that he had kept. Some were simply cedar colored, but others had the most stunning prints on them with amazing colors. I remember thinking to myself, how can I use these in our home...

Over the past several years, these boxes have had many uses including holding the remote controls on the coffee table, and make shift jewlery boxes perched on my dresser in our bedroom. Recently some of the boxes made there way to our new bar, however, since my latest living room refresh, I have been buzzing around the house, moving things around and my favorite cigar box found a new resting place (for now).

I am sure it will soon be taken over by little M, but until then I can admire it all over again as it sits in its new home. The moral of the story here - always take a second look at something you may think is not the right fit, you never know how much you may end up loving something, and using it again and again. I love my little cigar box, not only for how lovely it is, but for the memory it brings of my husband and me when we began to make our house our home.

- L


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