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Spread the Love

Whenever I go into a holiday weekend, I always like to make sure I am stocked up with the basics for any company that may come around. I have a few items I like to always have on hand in the event an impromptu gathering occurs.

First, the best way to greet guests is with a glass of champagne or flavored sparkling water, accompanied by a nice little selection of cheese, nuts, and fruit. One of the easiest, and not to mention least expensive, cheese plates that you can throw together in an instant, are water crackers, goat cheese, and honey. To pretty up your platter, garnish with fresh herbs from your garden. Prior to serving, warm the honey and put in a small container to be drizzled over the goat cheese topped cracker -- and -- voila, there you have it.

Other helpful items to have on hand:

White & Red Wine

Mixed Nuts - I love mixing almonds, pitashios, and macadamia nuts

Veggies & Hummus

Fresh Fruit

If you regularly keep these items on hand, you will be able to put together a nice spread that is sure to please your guests.

- L

P.S. The 'Spread the Love' knife was a gift a couple years ago, purchased from the cutest little boutique here in Santa Barbara called Plum Goods. They have an online store coming soon.


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