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Wine Wednesday - Message in a Bottle - #WW

Happy Wine Wednesday Everyone!

One of the major choices I must make when opening any bottle of wine, whether at home or at a restaurant, is whether to keep the cork or not. I am not one for clutter, or having collections of much, but when it comes to that special bottle of wine shared with loved ones, I cannot seem to part with the cork.

Since I started collecting, I have used many different types of vessels to hold them. With the recent trend of green glass (lucky for me) there is a plethora of beautiful containers for me to fill up with my wine memories. In fact, while photographing this vase, I spotted the very first cork used for our own wine label, Dolina - it brought a huge smile to my face and a fantastic memory of my husband gleaming with excitement - now this is why I collect these.

I scored my sea glass vases at TJ Maxx, which all happened to be less than ten dollars each - what a steal right?! And, over the past several years we have worked on filling them with our favorites. When using these in my home as a decoration, I like to incorporate several different styles like shown here, and group them together to create the perfect vignette.

So the next time you are savoring a bottle, think again about throwing that cork out. Try finding some fun vases to store your favorites and add them to your bar top or someplace fun in your dining room, then, after some time has gone by, take a look inside the glass and see what message you find in your bottle.


- L


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