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The Nature of Design - Seeing Spots

Have you ever touched a shark?

Well I never thought I would, nor did I ever think I would be encouraging my daughter to become friendly with, and touch one. Never say never...

For Christmas we received a membership to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. This membership includes visitation to our local aquarium, which has proven to be a favorite of little M’s. We go pretty regularly and recently my daughter’s braveness has shocked me, as she loves to pet the sharks. Luckily these are sweet little spotted Swell sharks.

Recently, the shark pods hatched and there is a whole aquarium filled with the little baby sharks. I was drawn to them immediately as they have the most amazing spotted pattern on their skin. While looking at their beautiful decoration - I immediately began to think of a recent design trend I have been seeing - SPOTS!

While perusing fabrics, on I found this amazing Les Touches Black. This fabric could be used in so many ways. Pillows, chairs, even look at this great vintage framed bulletin board- So good!

I also found another great use of spots on one of my favorite design blogs, Hunted Interiors. Check out these fantastic DIY spotted drapes.

Spots have a classic yet modern appeal, are timeless, and can truly coordinate with any design. So, will you be seeing spots?

- L


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