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Creature Feature - A New Direction

Today's Creature Feature is the special story behind this little chubby bird, the first ever creature bought for my home.

I had walked by this antique shop window on several occasions, and for some reason, this little celadon chubby, almost angry faced birdie, caught my eye every time. This was during a pretty rough time in my life when I was living in Solvang, and visiting a local office next to this shop weekly. I always wanted to go into this adorable little store filled with the most amazing pieces, however it was always dark inside and the closed sign was up. Until one random Saturday, the shop door was open...

In the back of the store there was a lovely gray haired women standing amongst all of these beautiful, unique trinkets. She welcomed me in with her warm voice and we began to chat. She was a retired interior designer, and claimed to own the little shop to hold all of her treasures she had collected over the years. You could tell she cared for each and every piece, and while everything was for sale, I could tell there was a part of her that did not want to see any of her unique pieces walk out that door.

I told her I had always had a passion for design, but had never really pursued anything. It was then when she began to share with me her tips and tricks, and I was truly inspired. I left her shop with this little bird, a token to remember my special visit that day. This was about three years ago, and since that conversation, my life has seen so many changes, including my amazing husband and daughter, but also a new sense of happiness that I have never experienced before. This combination has given me the confidence to move in a new direction, not unlike the bird who sat in that store for years, and was now moving on to a new home ready to experience new adventures.

Every time I look at this little green bird, I remember that woman and how much her words meant to me. I would love to see her again, alas her store is no longer there, and I don't remember her name. But I believe this little guy is here with me today to remind me daily to keep moving forward, in a positive direction, and to always respect what you love.

Ceramic Celadon Bird - Antique Shop

- L


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