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Wine Wednesday - Music & Wine

I recently read a quote: “sometimes music speaks what you feel inside”. This could not be more true, and further, I believe this can really relate to wine. I believe we choose most of what is around us based on our feelings, so perhaps when I am feeling like a little Champagne, I am really looking to feel lifted, fanciful, and, if you will, bubbly. When you pair the perfect playlist with your wine, it sets a certain tone. It can make you relaxed, enlivened, or just bring you pure joy. Yet another perfect pairing!

Being an avid music listener, always on the search for a new tune or seeking the comfort of a track that takes me right back to a cherished memory, I love pairing wine and music together and creating play lists to go with any occasion. Currently, I access all my music cravings through Spotify. I cannot say how much I love Spotify, it is simply amazing to just type in anything I want to hear, and voila, it pops up for my listening pleasure.

I promise there will be more of these to come, in fact, come to think of it, maybe I will even break it down to varietals... But here are some fun music pairing suggestions from yours truly!

Red Wine - Banks, Red Norvo, Muddy Waters, Frank Sinatra, Lana Del Rey & Lorde

White Wine - Van Morrison, The Chieftans, Hozier, Cafe Penguin Orchestra

Champagne- Breakfast at Tiffany’s soundtrack, Ducky, Telepopmusik, Blackmill & Katy Perry

So whether your craving some Van Morrison and a chilled bottle of white wine to sip on the patio, or a little vintage Jazz from Red Norvo to pair with your glass of red, I encourage you to turn on your favorite tunes, pop open your favorite libation, and enjoy!


- L


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