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Wine Wednesday - Pappardelle & Pinot - #WW

Happy Wine Wednesday!

Today, I am reunited with my slow cooker, and yes, it feels so good. The Easter bunny bounced over to my house bringing me a beautiful Williams-Sonoma cookbook - The New Slow Cooker. I was so excited to try a new recipe from this beautiful book, and to find the perfect wine to pair with that chosen dish.

As I thumbed through all of the enticing recipes, I thought to myself, "what wine do I feel like drinking this evening?" You may recall, in my last wine and food pairing feature here, the food determined the pairing. But this time was different -- I was dead set on having a lovely delicate Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir -- so, now I was on the quest to find that suitable pairing.

Pinot has a reputation for being a versatile and incredibly food friendly wine. Usually lighter in body compared to its red counterparts and with more subtle tannins, Pinot magically marries great acidity, silky tannins, and beautiful structure, lending itself to pair with a tremendous variety of food.

The first thing that comes to mind to pair with Pinot Noir is poultry, especially duck. Duck and Pinot are the quintessential couple, however, while perusing my new cookbook, I saw some amazing recipes with chicken and decided to go that route instead. Being that it is a beautiful spring day here in Santa Barbara, I did not want anything too heavy, but rather something with some fresh elements that was also rich. With this in mind, I chose the ‘Braised Chicken Pappardelle’. The caption reads “Tender braised chicken with a tarragon cream sauce and ribbons of pappardelle makes for a delicious and decadent meal.” Sold! In addition, the lemon zest and fresh herbs lend a fresh flare to this dish that goes perfectly with a bright, juicy, elegant cool-climate Pinot Noir.

Another perfect pairing in the books - what will we try next?


- L


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