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Random Callings

“The things you are passionate about are not random they are your calling” –Fabienne Fredrickson

Wow, if I had only read this ten years ago…just sayin, but really. I have decided to follow my heart, pursue my passion, and listen to that 'voice inside' that says don’t be afraid, take the leap. When looking into my passions, there are two things that always stand out these days – WINE & DESIGN. These, of course are only second to my family, Steven, and little Madeline – my joys, my loves, my life, and without which I could not feel passionate about anything really….so now we go back to WINE & DESIGN.

My path to design began at a very early age, when I constantly nagged my mom to re-design my room, with little to no budget – I would re-arrange, pin up new items and rummage through the house to find anything that could work. I had several different color phases, from green and burgundy – oh, 90’s how I am glad you are gone- to lovely pastels that reminded you of the pretty little Easter dress that I am sure my little Maddie will be wearing someday, all the way to black and white, including my cool black and white phone with the ginormous buttons! Oh those were the days, and I can’t say much as changed. To this day I continually re-arrange the house, always styling, buying and returning, in my grown up home today.

My journey with wine did not start so young. While studying business at Sonoma State University I stumbled upon some wine marketing courses while choosing classes in my business major. In the wine industry, we refer to being ‘bit by the wine bug’. Once bitten you never go back, or so they say. I am a believer in this due to the fact that I was bit in college, and wine marketing has become my career. Funny, my parents did not drink wine, nor was I exposed to the culture, but something led me to it and I have not turned back. I would have to say this was a true calling. And lucky me…I married a Winemaker, so this is now a permanent part of my life – THANK GOODNESS & THANK YOU GOD – not only for the wine, but for my amazing husband.

So how I ended up here - I have been marketing wine for the past thirteen years, and have partnered in two private wine labels, while always feeling a calling to design -- pairing the two seems only natural. With that said, look for what's to come and elvove from this random calling aka passion.


- L


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